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HAMMERING’s 2nd Full-length

Libera Me

* Gloomy phases of the present times attributable to pandemic were sublimated with a single concept album.
- Dark Tranquillity- Niklas Sundin


* “Libera Me” is a masterpiece created based on the groove, which is a signature of the band Hammering, embracing various music genres. 

The aesthetics of heavy metal are disclosed herein. 

HAMMERING’s 2nd full-length 「Libera Me」 is the output of works to gather various events that have occurred around the “Pandemic Era” that began in 2020 and the emotions felt each time, into a concept album.
Based on the groovy rhythms of HAMMERING, a variety of music styles such as modern heaviness, classic, oriental mood, or the like, are combined to correspond to the themes of the songs.   
In addition, dramatic and narrative music scales stand out across the songs by layering chorus parts over an aggressive groove sound and using choir singing style. This is believed to be a starting point that goes beyond the frame of the genre. 


* The cover artwork of the album was designed by Niklas Sundin, who was the guitar player of Dark Tranquillity and an outstanding graphic artist, after listening to the album hundreds of times and exploring the themes of the album.   


* Tsuyoshi Ikedo, who is a guitar player of the band Lynch and Unveil Raze, called “the leader of New Japan metal” and staged on the Ozzfest Japan, joined HAMMERING as a tour member and a featuring guitar player.



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