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*Events hosted by Hammering

■No Mercy Fest (

(YR2015 ~ present))

HEMMERING”, which have been held since YR2015 in an effort to contribute to a heaviness scene and build further international exchanges. Hammering, through the production named “Hammering”, has invited global artists and prepared a domestic bands line-up which may go well with the invited global artists, thus contributing to activate the domestic music scene. For past six years, NO MERCY FEST was held for about 25 times, functioning as a bridge to lead more activated music exchanges between Korea and overseas countries.


In accordance with the recent thematic tour trend, NO MERCY FEST has tried a new change and challenge since 2018 such as a thematic tour combining the gig and tour product which includes “domestic trip/ gig attendance/ tour/ after party”, or the like.


Since 2020, Hammering has hosted gigs to build local networks under the title of “NO MERCY FEST, building networks for nation-wide band scene, beyond Seoul



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